Whitefriars Beekeeping Stall

you may have noticed from the branch calendar (here) that on Saturday 27th May, we will be taking part in Canterbury in Bloom by running a beekeeping stall in the precincts of Whitefriars, in the heart of Canterbury.  We provide information on beekeeping, show off an observation hive, and sell honey and related products. It also helps us to maintain our relationship with Whitefriars, both for our rooftop apiary, and for access to their conference room for our winter meetings.
In previous years, we’ve had great success at Whitefriars, both in terms of honey sales, and also in engaging members of the public in the craft of beekeeping.  It’s fun and not too strenuous, provided that we have support from the members of our branch.  You can help in one of three ways.
1) volunteer to help on the stand for a couple of hours (let us know the time that suits between 0930 and 1600)
2) assist with setting up (around 9am) and dismantling (around 4pm)
3) Provide bottled honey, or other items for sale
If you can help out in any way, please contact Michael Roberts by email shows@canterburybeekeepers.org.uk  as soon as possible.
If you are worried about your knowledge, don’t worry – we find that most people know very little about beekeeping, so if you can describe the innards of a hive, or the differences between the jobs of a worker, a queen and a drone, you are more than knowledgeable enough.

If you can’t make the 27th May, don’t worry, we’ll also be running a stand at Brogdale Strawberry Fair on Sunday 11th June.  Helping out on our stall gets you free entry!

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