If you are interested in beekeeping do come to any of our winter or summer meetings to find out more.

In Summer apiary meetings will normally be held on the first Saturday of each month at 2pm. If you’ve not been before ring the contact number or email us for details. Clothing can be provided.  We also have regular inspections at our branch apiary in Bekesbourne:  let us know if you want to attend.

Winter meetings are normally held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm.  We normally hold them in the Lounge at Littlebourne Village Hall, High Street, Littlebourne CT3 1ST.  Check the details of each event to confirm the time/date/location.

Events 2023



past meetings

Saturday 29th April from 1400-1600

Branch Apiary Meeting

Palmsted Wood Apiary, Littlebourne

Saturday 8th April from 1400-1600

Branch Apiary Meeting (rescheduled from 1/4 due to bad weather)

Palmsted Wood Apiary, Littlebourne

THURSDAY, 30 MARCH 2023 FROM 19:30-21:00

Victoria Tomkies from the National Bee Unit

This will be a Zoom call, but for those that prefer to watch in a group situation, we will host the meeting from Littlebourne village hall.

Victoria is a  scientist for FERA (Food and Environment Research Agency) and is the Laboratory Manager at the National Bee Unit diagnostic laboratory in York.

She has many years experience and will give us an insight into the ongoing work in the Laboratory and how it aids the NBU and beekeepers.  Her expertise includes how AFB and EFB are tracked and traced and how this information supports dealing with foulbrood outbreaks. If there is any time left available, Victoria is also an invaluable resource for the threats facing our shores from Asian Hornet, Small Hive Beetle and Tropilaelaps.

Victoria has the great ability to discuss her scientific role in terms that all can understand and the Q&A session is guaranteed to be interesting and fun.

WEDNESDAY 1st March FROM 19:30-21:30

Littlebourne War Memorial Hall, 56 High St, Littlebourne, Canterbury CT3 1ST

Removing Bees from Buildings

We’re very lucky to have booked Mark Ballard who will give us a talk in Littlebourne Hall on 1st March 2023 on “Removing Bees from Buildings”. Mark is both a builder and an experienced beekeeper so he can take buildings apart to remove bees from very tricky places and then put things back together. He has been beekeeping for 20+ years, is apiary manager for Medway Beekeeping Association and has also taught beekeeping to young offenders at Borstal, Rochester. So Mark will come with plenty of war-stories, pictures and anecdotes.

Nothing from Friday, December 8, 2023 to Thursday, January 11, 2024.

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