Membership 2023-24

From October 2023,  the membership application process can be done entirely digitally (using BBKA’s eR2 system, and Stripe to take payment).  Existing members will automatically receive a membership renewal email (unique to them).  If you are a new member, or think that you haven’t received the renewal form, please fill out the simple form below – so that we can email you a personalised membership application form.  It saves a lot of administration if you can do the whole process online.  If you prefer to transfer money separately (by BACS or by posting a cheque), that is still possible.

For reference, full details of the membership benefits and rates can be found in this pdf:
membership details 2023-24

The above pdf may be printed, if you prefer to mail paper records to the treasurer. Note that the details will be transcribed into eR2, so it will save us effort, if you can use the digital approach.

Note that all fields marked * must be completed, before the form can be submitted.

membership 2023-24

Apply for membership of Canterbury Beekeepers

  • Mrs/Mr/Dr etc
  • we need an email address so that we can send you the full registration form – which is handled by a BBKA system called eR2. We have to manually transfer your details to eR2 first, so don’t be surprised if it takes a day or two for an email to arrive from eR2.
  • If there is another member of your household who wishes to join too, then put their name in here. A separate application process will be required.
  • If the second person uses a separate email address, then add it here. Otherwise, we will use the same email address for both applicants
  • if you want to add any annotations to your form, use this box