Report a Swarm

Our club members are happy to collect honeybee swarms, provided they are accessible, and can be gathered without risk to health. This page explains how to report them to us. Notes about identifying honeybee swarms can be found here.

To report a honeybee swarm – contact our Swarm Response co-ordinator without delay!  

For best results fill out this form from your mobile phone, and take a picture!

If you have problems with this form, you should call 0755 278 3497 or email

Swarm Collection is a service to the bees and the community. Voluntary donations to cover expenses (such as petrol), and to the branch are welcomed. We would prefer to receive any donations via online banking (BACS). Our account has the name “Kent Beekeepers Association Canterbury branch”

Account number: 00371771
Sort code: 30-91-60
Reference: your name+swarm

After bees have entered the structure of a building, removing them requires more than a beekeeper, but we will endeavour to advise and if invited, assist. 

Pictures and more information about swarms can be found here.