Bee Safari, 1st June 1-5pm

On this occasion we will be doing a “Bee Safari”, wherein we visit 4 different apiaries in the company of our excellent Seasonal Bee Inspector, Lisa Jenkins. We will start at 1300 in St Nicholas-at-Wade, where Bob Heddle has 5 hives, including a Zest hive. Then we will move onto our Bekesbourne apiary (approx start 1415), where Lisa will show us the sugar roll technique, which is great for detecting exotic species such as Tropilaelaps, and also counting varroa. Next stop will be Bridge at ~1505, in a typical home-based apiary with 2 colonies. Our last stop will be in Chartham Hatch, at 1540, where there will be double brood hives, and refreshments.

Full joining instructions will be found in a recent email, including the important w3w locations, and parking instructions.

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