Joining an association is recommended as a means to learning about beekeeping, making contacts for equipment and advice, obtaining insurance and making friends. We hope you will want to join our branch but which is the best association to join?

If you are new to beekeeping we recommend you find out when and where local associations meet during the summer and winter, attend a few meetings and then make a decision. Canterbury meet on Wednesday evenings in winter and Saturday afternoons in summer.  If you would like to learn more or just drop in to one of our indoor or outdoor meetings, contact us (details here).

There are also courses running in the spring and in the autumn. See  Getting Started.

Membership Categories

A pdf/printable description of the membership categories can be downloaded by clicking here: KBKA membership 2019-20.

There are two classes of membership: friend (usually for people who don’t have bees yet), and members (which includes Bee Disease insurance and BBKA 3rd party insurance).


A Friend (non-beekeepers or members of other associations) is £5 which includes newsletters from Canterbury and Kent. A  Friend with BBKA News is £14.50.  You can also pay for BeeCraft subscription, pro-rated through the year.

If you are living at the same address as an Registered member, as a Friend you can benefit from third party liability insurance for £17.50

Please use this electronic form to send us your membership application: 

If you prefer to use a paper form, here it is in Adobe PDF format: KBKA membership 2019-20

Existing members

If you have bees, full membership as a Registered Member runs from the 1st October and for 2019-20 is £50 including insurance for 3rd party and product liability, Bee Disease Insurance for three hives and a years subscription to the monthly colour magazine Beecraft. You will also receive monthly newsletters the British Beekeeper’s Association, and occasional newsletters from the Kent Beekeepers Association.

We invite you to renew your membership electronically with this online form: 

If you prefer to use a paper form, here it is in Adobe PDF format: KBKA membership 2019-20

We’d encourage you to sign up for GiftAid – KBKA can claim back 25p for every £1 that you give in fees.  Any UK taxpayer can sign a declaration to allow this, and the online form is an HMRC-acceptable process, as you must actively choose to GiftAid, and we record a time and date of signature.

Other Local Associations

The Canterbury branch is one of 13 branches of the Kent Beekeepers Association.  Branches of the Kent Association include the excellent magazine BeeCraft in their membership fee.

There are other beekeepers’ associations in East Kent: Whitstable BKA, Thanet BKA and the Dover and District BKA.  You can find more details on the External Links page.