Welcome to the pages of the Canterbury Beekeepers, a branch of the Kent Beekeepers’ Association. Have a look around the site to learn more about us. We exist for all those who are interested in Beekeeping, honey and other products from the hive.  We have members in Canterbury and the surrounding East Kent Area including the Elham Valley.  Some of us have just one hive, others have dozens.

We welcome new members –  if you are interested and you want to learn more about beekeeping visit one of our indoor or outdoor meetings, or read more at our getting started page.  We are always willing to talk to prospective beekeepers, and you should contact us first via this page.

Our apiary meetings, and meet-the-public events can be found on the events page.

Next beginners course starting on Sat 28th April 2018 – more details here.

All members  – click to register now for access to all parts of the site
Chairman – David Cockburn
Secretary – Adrian Davis
Treasurer/Membership – Joan McAllister
Committee Members – Julian Audsley, Simon Daniell, Magdalene Mei Halkes, Maggie McKenzie, Michael Roberts, Jan Soetaert
Kent BKA council reps – David Cockburn, Michael Roberts

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