Mentoring in 2013

With a view to building on past success, for 2013 your committee has resolved to put mentoring on a more extensive and formal basis than has been the practice in our club in the past. With this in mind we intend to set up a series of ‘cells’ ,small geographically distinct groups of people, each centered round an experienced leader.  The group will include  some at an intermediate level, needing help to move to the next level, but able to offer support to beginners, as well as beginners needing mentoring to learn the practice of the craft.

With this plan in mind, could you please write an email to David Cockburn before the end of January  putting the word ‘Mentoring’ in the subject line. In the text of your mail I will need your location and post code, any comment, some indication of your priority objectives from mentoring and your typical availability during the season. If you keep bees I also need to know the number of hives and the number of years you have been beekeeping, otherwise please just state that you are a beginner.

If you want to be part of our mentoring programme – as lead or participant – then please use link below to contact David Cockburn, who will be coordinating the establishment of the groups

reply email about mentorship

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