Beekeeping Courses in Sittingbourne

The beekeeping courses for Kentish beekeepers at the Kent Science Resource Centre in Sittingbourne are continuing in 2013.  I would draw your attention urgently to the upcoming event “Beekeeping for Improvers” on Wed 23rd January.  Follow this link to find out more.

Also, there’s a strong focus on microscopy, something that can be difficult to get started in. Microscopes play an important role in many aspects of beekeeping, from bee disease and pest diagnosis through to the examination of collected pollen loads to gain an insight into their foraging behaviour.  The laboratories at KSRC are superbly equipped, with modern Zeiss compound and Nikon zoom stereo microscopes. Class sizes for these courses are restricted to 10 or 12, to allow each student to have exclusive use of a pair of microscopes. If you have your own equipment, you are welcome to bring it and work with familiar kit, help will be available on the correct set-up and use.  The first course is on Wednesday 30th January.

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