I’ve been in communication with Kay Wreford, one of Kent’s seasonal bee inspectors, occasioned by information that several members have reported to me.  There has been another case of EFB in the East Kent area, (between Canterbury and Sandwich).  Those of you who keep bees in this area, and have registered with BeeBase, will have already been notified.  However, Kay has asked me to remind CBKA members of the benefit and importance of registering ALL your apiaries on BeeBase.  As someone who has only just got around to including a new out-apiary in my Beebase information, I’m well aware that it’s easy for new locations to get overlooked.
On behalf of Kay, and the committee of CBKA, can I strongly encourage you to register all your apiary locations with BeeBase, the Animal and Plant Health Agency’s (APHA) National Bee Unit website.  Kay is finishing her work for the year now, but will be doing a thorough sweep of our area next Spring, to prevent further outbreaks.  Having accurate information gives the inspectors a better chance to eliminate a destructive condition from our area.
Please go to to register or update your details – which are, of course, private data.

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