Getting Ready for Honey Shows

At our apiary meeting this weekend, we extracted honey from supers collected from our Palmsted Wood bees. We also talked about the bottling process, and how you can use the commonsense that should be applied to preparing a foodstuff, to getting a few bottles of honey ready for honey shows.

The following links provide some introductory and detailed instructions on how to get honey ready for shows. It may seem intimidating, but remember that the local honey shows value participation, as much as perfection, so why not give your honey a chance, by entering a local show? Some examples are given below.

Preparing for a show

Introductory notes: . Notes for competitive beekeepers:

Thanet Honey Show

Part of Acol Horticultural Show (Saturday 21st September) . Typical schedule: 

2019 East Kent Ploughing Match 

SEPTEMBER 25, 2019, WEST COURT FARM, SHEPHERDSWELL, CT15 5PZ Look in the Womens’ Section for foodstuff classes

Apple Festival at Brogdale 

19-20 October,  . Not a honey show, but you can sell your honey at the Canterbury Beekeepers stall.

DDBKA Honey Show 

Saturday October 19th , Shepherdswell Village Hall. Here is the schedule from last year’s show – they don’t change much from year to year: . And here is a report on a recent show: 

National Honey Show 

24-26 October 2019, Sandown Park, Esher. Last year’s schedule for illustrative purposes: . Kent Classes, National classes 

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