Updates to KBKA bye-laws

Whilst not the most exciting of topics, KBKA has a set of bye-laws to determine how it is run – after all, Kent Beekeepers Association is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee.  In case you are wondering exactly how KBKA is supposed to run, here are the recently updated bye-laws in all their glory.  The notes below identify the most recent changes approved at the AGM in June 2015.

PDF file:  KBKA Bye Laws 6th June 2015

Details of changes (numbers refer to the paragraphs in the Bye-Laws)

Date at top changed to 6th June 2015

2.  Entitlements – newsletter quarterly

4.  Officers – addition of Examinations Secretary and Webmaster

7.  Council Proceedings – excess of “£1000” changed to “£1500”

11.  Finance and Accounts – penultimate paragraph additional words  “…having been approved by the Branch – see Section 13”

12.  Subscriptions – first line now “The Branch Treasurer shall issue a receipt in appropriate form….”

12.  Subscriptions – date for third period return 31st August

15.  Beecraft and County Newsletter – County Newsletter – first paragraph “Copy must be….the preceding month” deleted.   Second paragraph “on alternative months” changed to “quarterly”

19.  BBKA Public and Products Liability Insurance – “Property damage excess £500 …..The above details are current at 6th June 2015…..If proof of Public Liability is required for a show, farmers’ market, working in schools, details can be downloaded from the BBKA website (you’ll need your BBKA membership details).

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