Errors on BBKA membership card

If you are a member of BBKA, then you should have recently received the June 2013 edition of BBKA news, together with your new membership card.  If you look closely at the latter, it is mysteriously dated 2012/3.  BBKA head office have just issued the following message, by way of apology:


From: BBKA Office []
Sent: 28 May 2013 09:27
Subject: BBKA Membership Card
Dear Secretary,
The 2013-14 Membership Card has been circulated to all members, however, despite several proof readings it went to print with the wrong date, 2012-13.
We are not in a position to reprint and re-circulate the cards. However the 2012-13 card is valid until 2014.
All benefit providers have been advised of the printing error and when shown the card will honour any benefits offered.
A letter for allotment holders and others in need of confirmation is posted within the Members Area of the BBKA website.
Please be sure to circulate this information to all members and accept my sincere apologies for this error.
Yours faithfully
Jane Moseley
Operations Director/General Secretary
Stoneleigh Park
02476 696679

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