Brogdale Cider Festival updated

Many thanks to all of you who took the time to help out at the event at Brogdale. For those of you who attended on Saturday, you picked the right day! Sunday was somewhat of a wash-out  and it finally ended around 3PM. However we did have the benefit of a folk group, who played several jigs to keep us warm, and we were entertained by a group of young children, most of whom completed at least 3 rounds of tasting honey (pity their parents later on) and bombarded us with questions about bees.

Julian did his usual excellent job of promoting beekeeping with his presentations, which are always a driver for people to visit the stand. The observation hive is always a big draw and it would make a material difference to attendance, interest and sales of honey if we didn’t have it there.

Colin, Sue and I provided honey for sale – you can see the picture of Sue behind the stand before the punters turned up here.

Honey sales were rather brisk on Saturday but slowed on Sunday. There were some useful trends/tips to pick up from the sales and we can perhaps discuss that at the next club meeting in October.  Our prices were as follows:

16oz                       £6.00
12oz                       £4.95
8oz                         £3.85
4oz                         £2.00
Gift Pack              £9.00 (2 x 8oz in gift pack with wooden honey dripper)

Brogdale Cider Festival
We have a stand at the Cider Festival on Saturday/Sunday 22/23 September. We are looking for volunteers so please consider giving up some time for some very enjoyable activities – talking about beekeeping, selling honey and sampling the cider. If you would like to volunteer, please email me with any preferred days and times.

Last Call for CBKA Polo Shirts
Our branded CBKA Polo shirts have been well received by everybody. I am about to place another order so if anybody would like one, please email your request including size (S, M, L, XL, XXL). They are great value at £10 – it is nice for all attendees at events like Brogdale to wear a club shirt, if possible.

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