KSRC course shop is open

As of 14th Feb, the new Kent Beekeepers improver courses may be booked on-line using the site that recently appeared on CBKA webpages. You should see a button on the top ribbon, but just in case, it’s also here.

Initially, just the March courses will be released for bookings, the first of which tackles the highly interlinked subjects of bees and flowers. This course has deliberately been scheduled before the 24th March date for the BBKA Module exams and will be an invaluable revision aid for anyone who will be taking Module 2.

The current plan is to release the April courses on 1st March, the May courses on 1st April, etc

So, if you are a 2yr+ beekeeper, and are interested in learning more, have a look at the shop. Bookings are now being taken via the website; payments may be made by cheque but there are also options to pay by electronic bank transfer or via PayPal.

Progress continues in establishing a dedicated bank account for this scheme; hopefully it will be in place by 1st March.

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