Testing your beekeeping skills

A reminder that the application forms for 2012 assessments/examinations need to be sent to the KBKA education committee secretary, Angela Merritt, by 6th February, for exams in March.  Postal address for forms: Mrs A. Merritt, 49 Townley Rd., Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7HY.  Angela wishes to point out that the box at the bottom of the form is for the candidate’s name.

There are many different routes to becoming a better beekeeper.  One option is the BBKA assessment framework, which provides a structured syllabus for learning more about bees and beekeeping.  Some of the assessments are orally-tested and field-based – these include the basic assessment, general husbandry and advanced husbandry certificates.  The “modules” are a series of 7 different written papers covering everything from basic beekeeping to beekeeping history. You can do them one at a time!

  • Module 1,2,5,7 Examinations, 24th March 2012
    (Applications in by 6th February 2012)
  • Module 1,3,6,8 Examinations,  10th November 2012
    (Applications in by 30th September 2012)
  • Advanced Certificate in Beekeeping Husbandry – 16th/17th June 2012 (Applications in by 28th February 2012)
  • General Certificate in Beekeeping Husbandry and Microscopy date by arrangement with the Examinations Board Secretary (Applications in by 28th February 2012. Microscopy Assessment takes place in Autumn)
  • Basic and Junior Certificate date by arrangement with the County Examinations Secretary
    (Applications 1 month before assessment)

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