Bee breeding course in W.Sussex,16 Nov


A joint BIBBA/ West Sussex BKA event

In conjunction with the Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association (BIBBA) the West Sussex BKA will be holding a “Bee Improvement for All” day. This is one of a number that BIBBA will be staging throughout the country on a regional basis. This is an all-day event aimed at encouraging all beekeepers to improve their bees. The purpose is to help all beekeepers to continuously assess their colonies, so they have a good idea of which queens to cull, and which colonies to take queen cells from when they need new queens.

There will be tuition on how to raise queens using queen cells that bees often present us with during the summer, as well as some simple “artificial” techniques that may be suitable for the more advanced beekeeper, or those working in groups.

Date:- Saturday 16th November 2013

Time:- 9.30-4.30

Venue:- Pulborough Village Hall, Pulborough, West Sussex

To apply for tickets, follow instructions on this application form: BIBBA Booking Form Pulborough (you’ll need to login first)

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