Whitefriars Bee Day

Running the Canterbury Beekeepers stand is fun and rewarding, particularly if there’s four or more people present to share the load.  We are very grateful to any member who can give up a few hours to help out with our “meet the public” events.  Don’t worry that you don’t know everything about beekeeping – you’ll know more than almost anyone who comes to the stand, and enthusiasm is the single biggest asset at these events!

Of course, we’ll need to make the stand “COVID-secure”, so we’ll make sure that there are only 3-4 people in each session.  There will be NO honey-tasting, but that makes more time to describe why all our honeys have different flavours.  The ever-popular observation hive will also be a talking point.

Saturday 12th December

The Whitefriar precinct days are a great opportunity to talk about beekeeping, show off some well-contained bees, and sell some honey.  Helping on our stall is always enjoyable, and there’s always a character or two to make the time pass quickly!

Location: Whitefriars Square, Canterbury, CT1 2TD, (map)

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