Swarm Management 2024

If you want to report a swarm, go to this page.

The swarming season will shortly be upon us, and in 2024 , Canterbury branch are trialling a new system to manage the reporting and collection of swarms.  In previous years, we found this to be a time-demanding job, so we are hoping that by using the BeeWatch system, much of the phoning around to find a swarm collector can be offloaded.  Linda will help us to manage the BeeWatch system, and deal with phone calls that come to the branch’s “swarmline” 0755 278 3497.

We’d like as many branch members as possible to register as a “swarm attractor” – which just puts you on this BBKA map as a beekeeper.  The mapping isn’t precise enough to locate you accurately, and that is not needed.  By registering you, you will increase our chances of finding out about swarms, even if you can’t collect them yourself.

Some Canterbury branch members will be able to respond as a “swarm collector”. Others would like to be a “swarm receiver”, either because they are a beginner, or need to restock their apiary. In both cases, we need you to fill out this form, and download the BeeWatch app onto your phone.