Directions to Palmstead Apiary, Bekesbourne

We are very grateful to Sally and Chris for hosting us in their woods. If you are driving to our meetings, please car share if you can, since parking space is limited.

By car

Nearest post code is CT4 5DX

The apiary is a bit before the Campsite coming from Bekesbourne Hill


Google maps

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Coming from Bekebourne Hill, you will find the apiary on the right. There are 2 entrances next to one another. The apiary is on the LEFT gate. Do not park in front of the right hand side or enter that driveway as the neighbours will complain. Enter the left driveway and park at the end in the small clearing.

If you find yourself at Highfield nursing home, you are close! The apiary entrance is the other side of the road, approximately 50m towards the woods

The entrance is the wooden gate on the left