July 10th meeting

Meeting attendance

  • A change of scenery this month. George and Lisa Jenkins are inviting us to their Apiary and fledging Thornes supply outlet. Beginners and experienced beekeepers are all welcome. As a bonus incentive, there will be a free raffle to celebrate the new venture! Directions will be provided, when you register

    Obviously, we want to be careful about this, as social distancing is a challenging thing to do around a beehive. With that in mind, we will limit the number of people, so that we can give everyone a decent apiary experience, without crowding

    The main focus will be to keep everyone healthy and safe, so please bring masks to wear, as well as your laundered (!) standard beekeeping suit, gloves etc. We can lend bee suits to anyone who might require them, but we can make no claims about the equipment being virus-free. It will be at your own discretion.

    If you are feeling at all unwell, please don't come to the meeting

    Multiple members of the same family are very welcome, but you will have to register each person separately, as this allows us to keep track of numbers.

  • please provide an email address so we can contact you if there are any last minute problems, or if we need to cancel or adjust timing because of the weather.
  • Price:
    join our beekeeping meeting at Parsonage Farm Apiary