Annual Delegates Meeting 2015

At our recent AGM, we discussed the challenges of having a proper representation of members’ views in the BBKA.  To help precipitate a dialogue, we’re circulating the draft papers for the BBKA annual delegates meeting (ADM), which will be help in January 2015.

The process is as follows: we will collect opinions from members via our forum (you will need to be able to login to record opinions – click here).  Michael Roberts and David Cockburn will collate your opinions.  They will then attend the KBKA council meeting on 29th November, where the Kent delegate to the ADM (Trevor Watson) will gather county opinion.  In addition, the CBKA committee will be meeting on 27th November, and will identify any particularly relevant propositions for Michael and David to raise.

The full papers for the ADM run to 112 pages; to help make these accessible, I’ve broken them down into sections (that are not necessarily in the order they appear in the full document).

Post any comments you may have on our discussion forum

ADM 2015 propositions – items 2015/4-7 cover neonicotinoids

ADM 2015 election statements – for folks standing as officials of BBKA

ADM 2015 financial reports

ADM 2015 reports – annual reports from the various committees of BBKA

ADM 2014 minutes – minutes of last year’s meeting, which was at times difficult and contentious

ADM 2015 standing orders – clarification of the rules of the ADM (see above!)

2015 ADM Booklet FINAL NM 121114 – all the above papers in one large file

2014 Agenda 29th November 2014 – agenda for KBKA council meeting on 29th November

KBKA council Minutes 13th September 2014