Beginners Course (20 places only)

Canterbury Beekeepers (a branch of Kent Beekeepers Association) is pleased to offer a one day course on Sunday 14th April.  We will introduce beginners to the world of beekeeping, with a mix of  classroom and practical sessions spread over the day.  Our base will be Littlebourne Village Hall, which is a 5min drive from our training apiary in Palmsted Wood, where we will give all course members an opportunity to open a beehive, and practice some basic beekeeping operations.

The Syllabus for the day will be based around the following schema

  • Session 1: Reasons for beekeeping, Identifying honeybee castes, life cycle of colony, yearly cycle of beekeeping
  • Session 2: beekeeping hardware- hives, frames and tools
  • Session 3: How to inspect a colony – safety, clothing, stings, what to look out for
  • Practical: approximately 60min practising inspection skills at our training apiary.  PPE and beehives will be made available
  • Session 4: Managing a colony – reproduction and swarming, diseases and pests.  Honey and wax production.

Provided that the weather is not too wet or cold, we’ll spend time in the apiary, so come dressed for a (short) walk in the woods – sturdy shoes, or better, wellie boots, long trousers.  Avoid wearing lots of perfume or aftershave.  We will provide beesuits, but if you can bring long-sleeved gloves – marigold type, or thinner surgeons’ gloves – that fit you snugly, that will make handling tools, and frames of bees easier for you.

The course will be run by a group of enthusiastic members of Canterbury Beekeepers:  Janet McDonald (secretary), Julian Audsley (committee), Adrian Davis (chairman), David Cockburn (committee), Jan Soetaert, Andy King and Sue Clapson.

The cost of the course is £50/pp

Includes teas/coffees on the day, and a season’s friend membership of Canterbury Beekeepers.  Please bring your own packed lunch.  The numbers will be limited to 20 delegates.

To apply to join the course, please fill out the form below. Preference will be given to Canterbury branch members, and others local to our area. We will ask for more details and payment, if we have space to accommodate you on the course.

Beekeeping Course step 1

pre-application for 14th April 2024 beekeeping course.