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This is a form to collect information from members who wish to collect swarms, or wish to receive swarms. Information supplied by swarm collectors will be made publicly available via the BBKA website. Your postcode will be used to determine proximity to swarms. Information about swarm recipients will be used by our branch swarm coordinator, Julian Audsley

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about you:
BBKA number required if you want to be a BBKA listed swarm collector
Your postcode will be used to determine proximity to swarms

If you want to provide swarm collection services to the public, you should get listed on BBKA website. Be aware of the following best practices you are expected to follow: Collectors' Protocol

Swarm collection:
Almost everyone should select no for this field, unless you want to help Julian coordinate swarm collection activities

Information about people who want to receive swarms is for CBKA use only, and will not be made public.

Receiving Swarms:

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